Saturday, August 25, 2018

Novak Djokovic Talking about Roger Federer

Here is What novak djokovic said about roger federer : 

“Breathing is the most important thing that we all do and you have to master it to know how to cope with pressure and situations that are very stressful,” 
“Even a guy like [Roger] Federer, who seems like nothing bothers him.
“I’m sure that he deals with a lot of emotions inside.
“But he has mastered the control over those emotions in his mind and that’s why he’s been so successful."
“Federer has always had a great way of dealing with the schedule,”
“I think in terms of scheduling, I've learned a lot from him, in terms of how to pick certain tournaments and peak at the right time so you can perform your best when it's most needed, the most important events.”