Monday, May 28, 2018

Roger Federer Interview in Vogue

Here is what Roger Federer said in Vogue : 

Q) At the moment, you’re neck and neck with Rafael Nadal in terms of bragging rights for the number one ranking—but you’re in the midst of the clay court season, which would seem to give him the upper hand. When do you think you’ll present a renewed threat to regain the top spot—or are such spectacles beyond you at this point?
A) The rankings don’t affect my game. I worked hard to get back to number one, but at this point of my career, chasing that is not the goal. Staying healthy, making sure I am prepared for the big events, and playing places where I enjoy are the real goals. Playing against Rafa for so many years has been amazing—he pushed me to innovate, work harder, and to develop my game. I don’t think I would be the player I am today without him as my chief rival.
Q) You’re skipping the French to prepare for Wimbledon, where you’re the defending champion. Is this about consolidating your energy and attention to where it’s best used—Wimbledon, say—or are there factors we’re not seeing?
A) In consultation with my team, it became clear that if I wanted to try hard to stay on tour for a few more years, I could not play the same busy schedule that I did years back. I needed to balance everything in my life and make sure I had enough time for training, rest, and recovery—and philanthropy. Also, being a father to four kids and a great husband for my wife was paramount in deciding my schedule. But hopefully I can play Roland-Garros again before my career is over.