Saturday, March 31, 2018

Roger Federer Talks About His Family

Here is what Roger Federer said about his family :

 "We do everything not to live life in a cage. Most of the time they are all with me and it's what makes me happy. They enjoy seeing many parts of the world and are simply used to it. It takes a lot of effort to organize the travelling but my wife and my team are great helps. Especially my wife is my biggest supporter and allows me to go on playing tennis for a while. I get a lot of energy returning home from the big cities to the Swiss mountains where we live near St. Moritz and Davos. I can take a deep breath there and gain energy. We try to do everything to provide that. Of course, the kids don't attend a normal school but have home schooling. As soon as that is no longer possible anymore, I would stop playing tennis. Things will possibly change when I end my career. That won't be long I guess. I remember someone called me a tennis grandpa."