Saturday, March 24, 2018

Roger Federer Full Press Conference after the Lost

Here is What Roger Federer said after Losing in the 2nd Round of Miami 2018 : 

 "I wasn't feeling good, my movements were not working, I felt I had chances, but wrong decision-making by me, good from him"

"He seemed he wanted to give me the game at the beginning of the second set, I couldn't take it. Then I had a moment in the second set that cost me the set and maybe the match" 

"He was just a bit better than me today. He was more relaxed, I was in search-mode the whole match" 

"I'm positive thinker, every match is another opportunity. Disappointed I couldn't find a way. You take a break, get away from it all, and get back to practice court and work" 

"It was important returning to n.1 in Rotterdam, keeping it now or getting it back within the season is not important"