Thursday, March 22, 2018

Roger Federer Full Press Conference before Miami

Roger Federer Full Press Conference before Miami : 

“I mean, I was excited, I don't know when I found out that I was going to get the wild card for the '99 Miami Open. That was a big deal. Unfortunately I played a horrible match, terrible attitude in that match, lost first round."
“But in the juniors, I played some great players. I remember beating [David] Nalbandian in the semis and [Guillermo] Coria in the finals on this very court. Yeah, my memories of Key Biscayne go way back.
“I guess I finished as World No. 1 junior after winning that final. I needed to win to clinch it. Then after that I figured, well… who knows? I could become World No. 1 in the pros but still a long way away, but you start to have a dream, and I think it helped me to win the Orange Bowl here in that year.”
“It always takes a few days to recover from a busy and high-intensity weekend, Regardless of how difficult the match was physically, you still have a letdown emotionally, because you're drained from that perspective… You’re emotionally drained after every final, regardless if you win or lose.
“I'm happy about how I played and how I felt afterwards. Didn't take me a whole lot of time to get over it, to be honest, because I felt like it could have gone either way. Unfortunately I wasn't on the winner's side because maybe I have had enough luck throughout the last 14 months on my side of the court, so it's OK to lose some.”
“Winning tournaments, I guess trying to stay world No. 1, At this point, because I'm so close, everything is so tight. Stay injury-free, enjoy myself, try to beat the best players that are out there.
“Yeah, that's it. And just enjoy it from that perspective. Then obviously there is a lot of family and friends and that stuff, the more important things that I care a lot about.”