Monday, March 19, 2018

Roger Federer Full Press Conference

Here is the Press Conference of Roger Federer after his 1st Lost ; 

"Lots of chances at either end, he should have closed it in 2nd set, then I was close, served for the match, 2-3 match point, doesn't matter. Disappointing, it was a good match"
"Don't want to get into it [discussion with umpire]. He's got a tough job, sometimes they don't"
"In the final breaker, he was clean, I wasn't. I'd like to play it again, because I don't know what the hell happened, but sometimes it's like that"
"Staying positive through tough moments is key, you will always have tough days as a person. Need to be happy with what you have, I've been content for a long time on tour, after becoming n.1 and winning Wimbledon. My life was complete then"
"I appreciate more the guys who have been hurt, because I've been through that"
"I have to get over this loss. I feel frustrated, you let an opportunity like this go by. A game at 40-15, any game. It's disappointing to talk about a great match like this, losing it. It will sting, and it should, but I'll get over it"
"I think by having had problems of my own in '16, I think maybe people saw that it hasn't always come easy for me, as well. Because people like to see the easy part, how I make it look easy. It's not always like that. For nobody it's like that at the top."