Monday, March 12, 2018

Roger Federer Full Press Conference

"I was playing aggressive and feeling like he was not loving my slice, and then also mixing in with drop shots eventually,  I think really I was able to mix up my game nicely, make it difficult for him there. At the same time, have fun with my game, play variation, but for the most part try to stay on the offensive, as well. I think it was a good match."
"I still think he can play much better than he did today, Maybe it was because it was the first time he ever played against me."
"You're only really as good as your last match, Now we're in Indian Wells and that's my focus and not what I have achieved in the past."

"I wasn't playing that good in my first [opening] round. So when you play that way and you feel that way, you can't right away think, 'Oh, who would I be playing in the semis or in the finals'? I think that would be a major mistake by myself. There is still plenty of good enough players around me to cause an upset. So I'm on a good run right now, and I try to maintain that, and you only maintain that if you respect every opponent."