Saturday, March 3, 2018

Mirka Federer Talks about Roger Federer

From The rare times Mirka Federer Talks and told this :

 "Tennis was part of my life and always will, at first, I thought I would be a world-class player and perform like those of Steffi Graf, Martina Navratilova or the sensational Margaret Court for mentioning some of these tennis luminaries that I admire very much. For reasons of life, my fate was different from what I dreamed of at first, anyway I played what I had to play and took everything I could to the fullest. I abandored the rackets love, for a life that I love more than anything. Family life! Never felt frustrated for not getting that beautiful dream of being a Grand Slam winner. Because today I have the most precious thing... a beautiful family, 4 wonderful children, a loving and dedicated husbed like none, a happy home and the confort of being able to travel with my family always, if today they ask me, I would say without thinking I made the best decision of my life. Sometimes I also think if I was a player active, I wouldn't have stepped on a field of tennis as much as I did so far with my husband Roger. Deep down, when I'm at the stadium watching Roger play is like I'm playing, I suffer the same or maybe worse when things don't go well. Roger always asks me: should I retire now? And I always answer, not right now my love, not yet. I love tennis and I love watching you play. He says it's my choice, but I think I'll let him play a good time more.."