Saturday, February 17, 2018

Paul Annacone Congratulate Federer

Here is what Paul Annacone the former coach of Roger Federer said : 

Sports can be such an amazing escape from life's harsh realities. This week we've seen more tragedy , more division , more polarization of our own community --- life is harsh and complicated .
I embrace and appreciate the joy and simplicity of competition ; of athletes putting themselves on the line for the challenge of competing , for the joy of their sport and for the possibility of making their dreams come true...
On Monday at 36 years of age Roger Federer will once again be ranked number one in the world - the oldest man in the open era to hold the number one ranking.
He continues to wrestle Father Time to a standstill . Roger's accomplishments are unparalleled but what is more inspirational is the process he has undertaken to pursue his dreams. Once those dreams became goals and many of those goals became reality his world changed everywhere except internally as a person .
His humility , class, grace and sense of what is truly important in life resonate today . So while tennis and sports are a welcomed escape from life's harsh realities - it is not the athletic prowess of people like Roger Federer that transcend history it is the delivery of their talents and their message that set the tone that can cross boundaries and help us all deal with our world .... keep writing new chapters Roger we will sit and enjoy in awe.