Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Here is What Roger Federer said After Winning 2 Laureus Awards

Here is What Roger Federer said after Winning Laureus Awards :

" A lot of Athletes hard work hard I'm no the only one, I know that. but. I think tonight for me its just extra special to win Laureus Sportsman Award as for the comeback as well. Its pretty crazy so Im just very happy that all hard work did pay off. I had to to a lot small and th big decisions along the way with my team, I think my positivity and my love for the game and clarity and those difficult moments helped me to be right now today. " 

"I'm not perfect, there are million things I'm not perfect in. When you're a husband and a dad, you can't do everything perfect. It's a battle on a daily basis, in a good way, but to always stay calm, which is almost impossible"