Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Roger Federer Talks About 2018 Season

Here is what Roger Federer said : 

 “Expectations are higher now but I try to remind myself: ‘Just don’t think it’s normal and realistic to aim for the same things I did this year in 2017’,”

“It’s hard to imagine that I’ll play as good as I did last year. This season has just been magical. I’ve got to try and keep it cool. Try my best and see what happens, but the preparation’s been good so far. We’ll see how things go.”

“It could be anywhere my last time because if I get hurt down the stretch, all of a sudden this could be it as well,”

“We know how I hurt my knee last time around - by running a bath for the girls. Some things are fragile in my body and sometimes accidents do occur. I hope it’s not my last year on tour. I hope there’s more to come. But again, time will tell. At the moment, I take it a tournament - or a season - at a time.
“Anything I win from here on forward is a massive bonus and a kind of surprise because I didn’t expect myself to play as good as I am today at 36, 37. It’s about staying healthy and enjoying myself.”