Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Roger Federer " I got a bit Lucky "

Here is What Roger Federer said in court Interview with Jim Courier : 

"I hung around, got a bit lucky, a bit angry, a frustrated, maybe at the umpire, but I actually thought the call was good anyway, I was just frustrated and a bit antsy. I'm happy I got out of that first set. It ended up being key to the match. Tomas was great."

"I've never played Chung or [Kyle] Edmund so it's great to see new names on the scene, We need ii, moving forward. The way both of them made it to the semis is highly impressive. The Chung-Djokovic match was the match I watched the most. Chung is very talented. He's clearly got nothing to lose. I will tell myself the same, and we'll see what happens."