Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Roger Federer Full Press Conference

Here is the Press Conference of Roger Federer : 

"I'll ask for a night match just because I played night tonight,It's just easier, to be honest, rather than going from night to day to night to day to night to day. It's also good for the rhythm, the feel on the court." 

"I do maybe think if you put Rafa[el Nadal], myself and Novak together, I think because we have margin maybe against a lot of the players normally, when we do come back, we can find that level, Even though we're not feeling good, we can still find a way and eventually play good again, whereas others would struggle early on and it becomes more difficult."
"I am hoping for another good year, I am not sure it will go that well because I'm a year older, Rafa's looking in tip-top shape and othernguys are coming back.
“Last year was a fairytale and I can't control everything. I am hoping to stay healthy and give myself chances and hope to play my very best in the big matches."