Saturday, December 30, 2017

Roger Federer Has No Retirement plan

Roger Federer Has no Retirement  on his mind and Here is what Ge said : 
"It's kind of a surprise because I didn't expect to, at 36 or 37, to play as good as I am today," he said.
"It's really about staying healthy and enjoying myself, and being very precise about how I practice and what tournaments I play."
"It was a bit of a reset for my mind, to take things more relaxed," Federer said.
"Especially in the bigger moments, rather than always playing the percentages, it's more playing on my terms rather than thinking too much about my opponent.
"I think that's something we've really worked on in the off-season is to play aggressive, take control of the point on my serve."
"At this age, I have a lot of pleasure doing what I'm doing, because if I didn't enjoy it I would not do it anymore," Federer said.
"I'm going to be very careful of selecting the tournaments I'll play, and I think anything I win from here on forward is like a bonus."
"As long as I'm healthy and happy to play I'll keep doing that and then we'll see when the end is."