Saturday, November 18, 2017

Roger Federer " It's been an amazing Year "

Here is The Press Conference of Roger Federer after his lost against Goffin : 
“I think it was a tough game to get broken at 1-0 for him in the second [set]. I had I think multiple game chances to get out of the game and go 1-1, keep the pressure up, I think things really turned around for him at that moment. He started to feel better from the return, from the baseline. He wasn't missing as much anymore. He was returning also much better off the second serve after that. 
“I just think the better returner won over the better server today.” 
“It’s been an amazing year for me. I’ve been so happy that I was playing at this level from the beginning till basically the end, till today. So it's been great. Really enjoyed myself in the process,” 
“Looking ahead, look, clearly the buildup is not going to be six months like it was last time around, It's not going to be six weeks of tennis. It's just going to be two, three weeks. It's going to be short. But I did that 15 years previously, so I know how to handle the buildup.”
"It's been an amazing year. It's kind of disappointing to finish on this note, but... with that season, I'm extremely happy"