Friday, September 1, 2017

Roger Federer talks about playing in central Park

Roger Federer talks about playing in central Park : 
“I really liked the idea of playing in Central Park for the first time. We tried it out. It was perfect. I was really happy. It was really a totally different experience in the sense that when I finished practice, that was fun. If only all practices were like this. I really enjoyed myself.”
“I don't do it nearly enough because the problem is we always go out, there's always something to improve. If you don't go out and improve something, you feel like it's a waste.
“Sometimes I think having a fun practice session, being in a totally different surrounding like yesterday, where all 20 courts just stopped playing, came to watch you play. I don't know. It was kind of really different. People were just happy to see you there, meet you, talk to you, maybe get a photo. They didn't care about autographs.
“It was a different crowd. I really enjoyed that. Just to be in that environment for a change. I've seen the routine of normal practice sessions and matches, press, all the things we do in a row, it's always the same. I think this was very refreshing. I hope I can do these things a bit more often.”