Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Roger Federer " Excited to play on Center court "

Here is What Federer said : 

"Excited to play on centre court for the first time with the proper structure and roof now, I missed it last year. I'm very excited playing here again." Against him will be 19-year-old American Tiafoe, who he beat in straight sets at Miami this year and who should not offer too much resistance. "It's an interesting first round. Clearly he has nothing to lose but everything to gain. It's a tough one, plus he's playing well, He's an aggressive baseliner like so many of the Americans. Thankfully I played him in Miami this year so I have a little bit of an idea of how he plays, and his patterns and what he prefers to do and whatnot. At the end I'm going to try to focus on my own game like I usually do and make sure I make it tough for Frances to get through me."