Friday, July 7, 2017

This is What Federer said about his Next Match Against Zverev

Roger Federer will face Misha Zverev again who had meet in Halle and Australian open this year, Roger expect it to be not easy match and here is what He said : 

“I have played him on several occasions now, and he's played me different every time. In Australia, he played me really close on the second serve and would try to attack me, everything that he saw that was short he would come [in on]. Whereas in Halle when I played him, he played from way back, which is highly unusual on the grass,” .

“I guess I don't know quite what to expect in the match on Saturday. But because he serves and volleys, points are played differently. Tomorrow and the next day I will train and warm up with left-handed players. I think that's always the biggest switch when you play against an opponent who is left-handed, that whole swinging serve, kicking serve, especially getting used to the returning is most important.”