Saturday, July 15, 2017

Roger Federer Full Press Conference

Here is the press conference of Roger Federer before the Final : 

“I guess you do the routine you've been doing here during this fortnight,”
 “That's what you're probably going to be looking forward to do."
“I just got to try to rest the maximum now. Just make sure I sleep well, even just tonight and tomorrow, really take it easy, so when I do come out on court on Sunday, I have all the energy and all the resources in my mind to play inspired and creative tennis. That's what I've got to do.”
“But I think in the past Grand Slam finals, the semi to final days helps me, is just to stay calm throughout the process, The good thing is that I'm not carrying an injury like I did a little bit in Australia, where I had a hamstring problem, or in other years, I don't know what I was having. But this year I'm feeling good, so that really relaxes you in a major way.”
“It's a big deal. I love this tournament. All my dreams came true here as a player. To have another chance to go for number eight now, be kind of so close now at this stage, is a great feeling."
“Yeah, unbelievably excited. I hope I can play one more good match. Eleven finals here, all these records, it's great. But it doesn't give me the title quite yet. That's why I came here this year. I'm so close now, so I just got to stay focused.”