Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Roger Federer Question & Answer

Q : You pack everything yourself? 
A :  Let's put it this way: One helps each other. Mirka is already doing the most and I then play the supervisor. (Laughs.)

Q : So you eat so much fish and chips when you are three weeks in Wimbledon? 
A : I am already aware that I am changing. In Italy I like to eat Mozzarella di Bufala, but of course it is not possible every day. Otherwise I can be rolled into the field. (Laughing).

Q: When were you last shopping? 
A: This is a long time ago. A pity, because I like to go to the supermarket. Before we go hiking, we have to fill our backpacks ...

Q:  How many cars do you have? 
A: Five. They do not belong to me alone, but I share them with Mirka.

Q : Do you have bicycles in the garage? 
A : Yes, of course. We live in the mountains, you have to have a mountain bike. Now I would like to get an e-bike, so I can also drive over the hills and mountains, without I totally broken home. Last year, when I had time, we tested a few models. Unbelievable how much speed you have with these things!

Q: How often does your wife Mirka give you technical or tactical tennis tips? 
A : Technical rather less. It helps me more on the mental level. She realizes immediately, when I am stressed, but also does not back with criticism. But most of all she supports me in the organizational field. Mirka is currently more mommy and has withdrawn from the daily business a little. Which is also good.

Q: Have you already wanted Mirka to play tennis herself? 
A : No never! I'm really very happy about it. She knows what it takes to get the best out of the tournament. The understanding is much greater than if it had nothing to do with tennis.

Q: Do you want even more children? 
A : This topic is certainly not yet complete, but we are not going to deal with it until I have finished my career.

Q: What music do you like best? 
A : I grew up with street parade music. Through my former coach Peter Lundgren I slipped into the rock area, listened to AC / DC, Metallica or Lenny Kravitz, which I have seen all live. At the moment, music of the 90s often runs when I'm at home. Childish emotions come up.

Q: What do you say to those journalists who spoke of the autumn of your career in 2009? 
A : I understand. After winning all Grand Slam tournaments, the journalists had to look for something new. The resignation can be wonderfully speculated, since the fabric does not go out until it becomes a fact.