Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Roger Federer Lost to Tommy Haas

1st Set : Tommy haas started with the serve and Roger could break early which made him more comfortable and Roger broke again at The 7th game again, and  He finished the set with 6-2.

2nd Set : as the 1st set Roger dominated and broke early which gave him the lead but haas could break back and the set extended to tiebreak but hardly Tommy haas took the set 6-7 

3rd Set : it wasn't easy for Roger as He lost his serve early in set, and in the other side haas was playing very good and Haas took the final Set 

Roger Federer lost to Tommy Haas 6-2 / 6-7 / 4-6  

=> Generally, after the long break Roger Federer played his first match after Miami Final and it looks not bad start in the Grass season