Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Roger Federer Press Conference After the loss against Haas

Here is the press conference of Roger Federer after the loss against Tommy Haas : 

"I thought it was a typical grass-court match today. Rallies weren’t very long and it was decided on a serve there or a return here. If you don’t take your chances like I didn’t, leading a set and a break, you really only have yourself to blame at the end. You’ve got to acknowledge the fact that he was a bit better. It’s quite frustrating, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. It wasn’t all bad, not at all. There were definitely some good moments, but I definitely was not as sharp as I was hoping to be in maybe the big moments, or the moment when I had the lead and where I feel I should have been cruising from that moment on. I definitely made some crucial mistakes and judgment errors. Tommy definitely played well when he had to. He hung around and was able to push me in the second set. In the third set I couldn’t get up to the level I wanted. I should have somehow broken him once, but I wasn’t able to do that."
"I could hear Tommy's daughter cheering him on, that was sweet. Sometimes I just imagined as if it was one of my daugthers."
"I had the feeling that the fans were happy to see me today after 10 weeks, I'm sorry for them, I would have really loved to stay. Will now rest till Halle, or do some practice sessions, depending on what the coach says."