Monday, May 22, 2017

This is What Djokovic said about Federer withdraw from RG 2017

After Roger Federer announce about not playing Roland Garros this Year, This is What Novak Djokovic said about Roger's decision :
" It's Roger, so he has the luxury to decide whatever he wants to and play whatever he wants to. I mean, he's been so successful throughout his career that he doesn't need necessarily to chase the points or play all the tournaments. You know, he's very smart in his decision-making and scheduling. He knows what he's doing, I'm sure."
"Of course he's aware he has much better chance to win big trophies on quicker surfaces. Grass obviously is where he feels the most comfortable. I'm not too surprised with this decision. I mean, he had a lot of matches played at the beginning of the year, and he did amazingly well."