Monday, May 29, 2017

Boris Becker : " Federer Will Win Wimbledon 2017 "

Boris Becker the Great old player and the old Novak Djokovic coach, Thinks that Roger Federer will be able to win Wimbledon this year.
And He is agree with Roger Federer's decision to skip Roland Garros . 
" If I were his coach, I would have trief to convince him to skip Roland Garros all the way "

and here is what Boris Becker added : 

'Playing there would have been no sense. So far he dominated, he is 35 and I thought from the beginning that he should have rested until the grass-season events. When I knew he wouldn't have played in Paris, I thought 'very well, great move. "

" It's very likely that Roger wins Wimbledon this year. He won in Australia, Indian Wells and Miami, then he took time off. I think it's very likely that he wins his eighth title at the All England Club and his 19th Grand Slam title in career "