Saturday, November 19, 2016

Roger Federer Expects To Come Back Stronger in 2017

This is what Roger Federer said in a Conference : 

"During last 5 weeks I really felt good, I still have 70 days to get ready, these coming weeks will be crucial, because I suppose to be ready and fit 100%. In las weeks I was trainning 1 hour per day, I really enjoyed visiting many places, desert and sitting with family and other stuff that I was not used to do. The 6 coming months will be very important because Rafa Nadal and I both gonna return to the best level we had before.
If my condition was good 100% it will be an important thing and it will be hard for others because I'll be in my best level after taking 6 months as holidays and I really hope so because I have a goal and will work for it.
My dream is to win in the big 4 Grand slam and return to top ranking, but When people ask me if I will play in 2018, I say I hope so but I have to play first 5 tournaments with no problems.
In last of December I think that I would be more stronger than ever, Honestly I had long time to prepare for this season And I think I will be ready and stronger than people think I would be by then. "