Thursday, November 17, 2016

This is What Rod Laver Said About R.Federer

Rod Laver the legend who could win 4 Grand Slams in one season Twice, and a record could not be broken since then.
Rod Laver talking about another High Legend who is Roger Federer and this is what he came up with  : 

" The Best way to beat him would be to hit him over the head with a racket "

“It’s amazing how good he is, Off the court he’s great with people and enjoys that side of the game of tennis. In Australia, they’re all in love with him. He can do no wrong. At the same time he’s had some downfalls, and everybody suffers with him because he’s such a nice individual."

“Can he win another slam? Yeah. He’s an outside ringer here, because he’s playing well. I think it probably gets frustrating for him [not winning majors], knowing he’s won 17 grand slam titles, a pretty good record."