Tuesday, November 15, 2016

This is What Agassi & Sampras Said About Federer

Roger Federer the guy who made the impossible with his talent possible as any new or old player admit that Roger Federer is the player of this era, We have here Andre Agassi and Pete Samprass giving their words about this living legend: 

- Andre Agassi 
- " there's probably not a department in his game that couldn't be          considered the best in that department. He's the best I've ever             played against "

- " Anything you try to do, he potentially has an answer for,         and it's just a function of when he starts pulling the triggers     necessary to get you to change to that decision."

-  " He plays the game in a very special way. I haven't seen it       before. "

- Pete Sampras :
You look at the numbers of what he’s been able to do, you have to say he’s the greatest We’ve seen. "

For me, in my prime, I felt unbeatable. In Roger's days,
 he's unbeatable. it's really hard to put one guy over the other. Having said that, I think Roger is dominating the game much more than I ever did. I think he's going to break 
all records. "

Notice => ( Sampras said this in 2007 and He expected Roger to Break all records and it happened )

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